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We have been granted Arts Council funding for the research and development phase for a new project; ‘GBS’ (working title). It comprises of preliminary artistic research and medical research prior to 2 weeks in a rehearsal room to work towards a new piece of small-scale theatre about my experiences with Guillain Barre Syndrome 6 years ago. As a patron for the charity I’d like to use my knowledge and experience in the arts to raise awareness of the condition and it’s supporting charity GAIN, but most importantly to tell a story through the mediums of new-writing, verbatim and physical theatre. Though I work for Derby Theatre currently this project will see me producing work as an individual artist with support from ARC, Stockton, Derby Theatre and Deda.

By the end of this phase of the project I aim to have a draft of a script from writer and co-collaborator Nick Wood, made artistic decisions with the creative team and collated feedback through work-in-progress sharing platforms to better inform phase two of the project.

Through working with international dance artist Marc Brew we hope to look at the relationship between a disabled practitioner and non disabled performers with me being a formerly disabled artist.

The piece is autobiographical but by no means is it egotistical nor artistic therapy. I want to use my skills to create work with exciting artists about the positivity and humour of trauma and recovery.

2016 is the centenary of GBS being first diagnosed and we hope to use this to propel awareness of the condition.

You can support the project and GAIN charity by donating here

I am delighted to announce the creative team for ‘GBS’ who bring a mix of qualities, experience and skills to the table.

Creative Team for ‘GBS’ Research & Development

Creative Producer/Performer – Adam Pownall

Movement Director – Marc Brew

Writer – Nick Wood

Director – Tilly Branson

Performer – Kitty Randle

Associate Dramaturg – Luca Rutherford

Sound Design – Adam P. McCready

Artistic Mentor – Sarah Brigham

Producer Mentor – Ruby Glaskin

Marc at Aspire Studio. London, 25.10.04 photo: Andrea Testoni (

Marc at Aspire Studio. London,
photo: Andrea Testoni

Director Tilly Branson

Director Tilly Branson

Performer Kitty Randle

Performer Kitty Randle

Producer/Performer Adam Pownall

Producer/Performer Adam Pownalll